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Ian Napier

Ian Napier's career has been largely in rocket science with the Australian Defence Department. He has several degrees in science including a PhD from Cambridge University.

His earlier books, Crocodile Dreaming and Totem, were written for children in the 8-11 age bracket while The Ghosts of Mars and an upcoming novel, Dragon's Teeth, are for young adults.

Ian lives in South Australia and has five feisty grand daughters who provide him with both inspiration and literary criticism.


  • The Last Martian


    After returning from a dangerous but successful voyage to Mars on behalf of NASA, teenagers David (an Australian) and Sierra (an American), tiring of the media attention, decide to travel to Australia.

  • Reg


    Jasmin is a twelve-year-old Adelaide girl of Aboriginal descent. Her parents, both doctors, have volunteered to work in the Middle East for a year, so Jasmin will stay with her aunt and uncle in tropical Darwin for that time.

  • The Ghosts of Mars


    Sierra is pretty excited when she discovers on her fifteenth birthday that her best friend from NASA Space Camp has moved from Australia to live near her in California...but she has no idea just how exciting - and dangerous - things are about to become.

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