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Ian Hopkins and John Duignan

John Duignan and Ian Hopkins first joined forces thirty-six years ago and started their comedy writing career with ‘Not the Nine o'clock News'. Ian went on to write for Spitting Image and Naked Video.
Between them they have had three stage plays produced (Ian 3, John 1) and one novel published (John 1, Ian 0).
They also wrote jointly for two comedy radio shows.
This is their first collaboration to write a seriously comic novel where they have used their wealth of satirical comedy writing experience.
Currently they are writing (1) a sequel to SKELP (2) a comic novel that predicted twenty years ago the outcome of the Scottish referendum and the 2015 election result (though they cannot find the bookie's slip that would be their salvation...) plus (3) a seriously political screenplay.


John Duignan and Ian Hopkins on Skelp the Aged


Why is there no real political satire on TV?


  • The Buick Stops Here


    In the sequel to Skelp The Aged, Mungo and Ethel Laird return from the Algarve for medical reasons. Mungo is suffering from chronic insouciance but has been assured it is nothing to worry about; Ethel has a mysterious liver condition.

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