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Ian Deakin

Ian Deakin has lived in North Eastern Victoria, Australia, all his life. He enjoys traveling, racquet ball, ten pin bowling and finding out what his characters in his stories are going to do next.

This is his first published book and Ian is just beginning to realize that writing a book is just the first step of a much larger process in the world of publishing.


  • The Accidental Champion


    Geoff Holloway has been losing things recently. First his car, then his alarm clock, and then himself. Now he finds himself in a strange world filled with people that have powers he cannot comprehend and in situations he cannot fathom.

  • They're Here


    Tim Grimshaw has just found out that not only are extra-terrestrials real but they walk amongst us. They have come from all across the galaxy, travelled across the vastness of space to come to Earth for one reason only: To mess with Tim's life.

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