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Howard L. Siskind, Karen L. Siskind & Sarah J. Siskind

Howard L. Siskind is an accountant, musician, performer, songwriter, photographer, artist and author. He holds degrees in business and psychology. This is Howard's first book. He has twelve original published songs and is in the studio weekly as he continues to write and record. He created, directed and starred in a short video documentary entitled The Making of Dance with Me about one of his songs. He has played lead guitar in the rock band "Stillwaters" for more than forty-five years. Howard does his best song and book writing while practicing his guitar, driving alone in his car, on vacations or traveling on an airplane or bus. He is currently working on a follow-up to Honabeats Says: Crazy Words! and a medieval fantasy action novel based on the storyline of an original song. Howard lives in Annapolis, Maryland, USA with his wife, Karen, and daughter, Sarah.


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