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Hilary Downey

Hilary Downey (P.G.Dip.Trad.Ch.Acu.) was born in New Zealand, where she continues to live; working as a self employed Traditional Chinese Acupuncturist and Tik Dah Bonesetter, while writing about what is close to her heart.  In her early years, she was a schoolteacher and had a family of three children that has expanded to five grandchildren and three great grandchildren.


  • TimeSpan


    TimeSpan reflects on the changing lives of people as they age. Everyone remains important because collectively all people shape society, the best of what is within them contributing to the advance of our current civilisation.

  • CentreStone


    Through the symbolism of mythology and beliefs, CentreStone provides an overview of our journey to Earth and looks at our Spiritual Legacy which is our heritage.

  • ColdLight


    ColdLight is a collaboration of two worlds. The quest for illumination begins at the place where these two worlds meet – our hearts. Our hearts are the bridge and our minds are the interpreter.

  • LeapFog


    LeapFog is a story of change brought about by a desire to discover truth through the wisdom of spiritual worlds.

  • HeartFelt


    HeartFelt is the story of a four-year journey out of shock and grief – the result of death of loved ones. It is a book about accepting and bearing grief while forging a path ahead, with the help of wise and loving teachers from inner spiritual worlds.

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