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Harrison Gee

Harrison was born in Leicester and attended grammar school in Rugby and Ramsgate, Kent. He completed National Service in the Royal Signals in Cyprus and Suez. From 1962-1992 he worked for local newspapers in Coventry. He is married with two children and five grandchildren. He took early retirement in 1992 to care for his wife, who sadly died of a brain tumour. He then moved to Spain in 1996 and completed But A Fleeting Shadow which is a work of romantic fiction and returned to the UK in 1998.


  • Just a Tick


    A collection of short 'tall stories', questioning man's belief in his environment. These stories, the author maintains, on each occasion of writing were brought to his ear as if by some strange whispering being, hovering close at hand.

  • But A Fleeting Shadow


    Follow the story of a man haunted by the repercussions of his own wrongdoing. Of illicit love, bringing him firstly to the heights of spiritual and physical ecstasy, then to the depths of black despair, as his new-found love stricken by memory loss, is frustratingly is taken from his life.

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