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Graham Lelliott

Working full time as a Leakage Technician for one of the UK's water companies, Graham enjoys spending his rest time with his family enjoying special days out, visiting places of interest. Having two young children, his boys would enjoy a story every night before laying their head on the pillow and being tucked in for the night. With a library of children's books, and an interest in writing, Graham soon realised that he'd like to give it a go. Graham didn't have to think for too long before coming up with idea of basing his children's books on their family days out. With Jack, Thomas and the Miniature Railway being his first, Graham is keen to continue the Jack and Thomas theme.


  • Jack, Thomas and the Hovercraft


    Jack and Thomas were brothers who loved an adventure. A family day out found the boys experiencing something very different and very exciting - a ride on a big hovercraft. The boys would soon learn what a hovercraft is and how it works.

  • Jack, Thomas and the Miniature Railway


    Jack and Thomas were brothers who loved trains. They had been on lots of different trains but there was one type of train they hadn't been on - a miniature one. A family day out to a miniature railway found the brothers on a completely new adventure.

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