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Grace Josephine

Grace Josephine is a children's author with a focus on rhyming
picture books that carry a profound philosophical twist. She is
dedicated to sharing vibrant stories with concealed meanings,
striving to enrich children's lives and shape their perspectives.
Her other publications include the enchanting "Crusty the
Orange" and the thought-provoking "The Bendy Tree".
Originally from the United Kingdom, Grace made a ‘sea change'
to Australia in 2014 to embrace the coastal lifestyle. When she's
not writing books, Grace enjoys spending time in nature and
travelling - both of which are wonderful sources of creative
inspiration for her.


  • Lou the Lost Witch


    Lou the Lost Witch is a rhyming children's picture book about a kind witch who is rejected by people because of the way she looks. Lou is dreading her upcoming Witch Oath and decides to run away from home to find her place in life, but due to her appearance.

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