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Glade Roos

Glade Roos is an author who enjoys captivating the imagination of his readers and sweep them away on a fun creative journey for a time. He has written numerous plays and screenplays, receiving accolades along the way from intrigued readers. His work has appeared on the stage where it was well received, with one member of the audience commenting he found himself "lost in the words of the play, and then lost in the story itself." Glade hopes you enjoy reading his children's adventure story, Tabitha's Incredible Bauble, as much as he enjoyed writing it.


  • Tabitha's Incredible Bauble


    Tabitha quietly sits in the shade of the mighty willow, beside her hidden spring, on a very pleasant afternoon, out in the rolling and green Oklahoma countryside, with little Nanook by her side, and simply marvels at the luminescent, radiant, and altogether enchanting glass bauble in her hand

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