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Gaynor Moore

I wrote my memoir some twenty years ago, after leaving an abusive, dictatorial, lonely marriage of seventeen years. Having lived for years with anxiety and depression and having always lived my life ‘through a partner' from the age of thirteen, I never really had the time or confidence to discover who I was and be ‘just me'.
Even though I experienced some things that I would never have dreamed I would have done, during 2002/3, I have absolutely no regrets and that year turned out to be the best year of my life. I became liberated, answerable to no one and felt happy, happy, happy and, best of all, no depression or anxiety.
I would like to thank Pegasus for believing in my work and publishing my book. I am going to donate 5% of my royalties from every book sold towards much underfunded mental health charities.
Thanks for joining me on my journey and I hope you enjoy the ride.


  • My Midlife Chrysalis


    Gaynor escaped an abusive marriage riddled with fear and insecurity and was afraid to live. Any spark she once had had long been extinguished.

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