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F.Mary Callan

Story-teller, F.Mary Callan, is a veteran of the Edinburgh Fringe since gaining a four star review in 2013. Absorbing Greek and Roman, Celtic and Norse myths since childhood, she obtained a B.A.(Hons) in French and Latin and has followed many careers. Her first animal stories, comical and profound, were written to support KS2 classes and the English National Curriculum. Other publications include the 1999 anthology Christmas Patchwork (Ebor press) and a new collection Out Of The Dreaming Dark (Stairwell books 2020) a sequence of nature poems. Mary has four grown-up children and lives in York.


  • The Anuran Saga and Other Stories


    The Anuran Saga and other Stories: Four original fairy-tales of courage and adventure. Frogs and toads are the protagonists in the Anuran Saga, in which personal frustration triggers inter-species conflict, unbalancing the eco-system.

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