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Fabianca and Kanon Amano

Fabianca was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan.

As a young adult life took an unexpected turn, resulting in her spiritual awakening in the UK.

Trustfully following her intuition, and experiencing synchronicities, she now seeks to understand and interpret her various life experiences in the historic centre of Rome, Italy. From here, she marvels at how the universe unfailingly guides her soul's path.


Kanon started adult life in Japan as a high school teacher, having graduated from university in Tokyo, also studied the process of natural healing and became a qualified Reiki Master. A decade later, after many transformations, she consciously changed her career to become an investment banker. Living in Paris, America, London, she has led a varied and inspirational life that has taken her on a personal journey with many unexpected but meaningful events. These events have led her to co-author Light, a first novel, by drawing from their shared experiences and giving them shape.


  • Light


    We wonder if there is such a thing as fate and whether destinies can really be powerfully entwined, written in the stars. Do we all have a chance at redemption, even if we are not sure we want it?

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