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Eva Le Bon

She has always loved being with children, they teach adults so much!
Her working life spanned many years as a psychotherapist working mostly in
hospital settings within a Child and Family Service, alongside children, their
families and their stories.
She has always enjoyed writing and being playful with words and used to love
listening to her grandma's made-up bedtime stories along with her two sisters.
In fact, she reckons all these years later, she and her husband David are still
children at heart!
Now a fully-fledged nana and with the pen name of Eva Le Bon she
finds with fresh energy she is writing again particularly for children.
Look for MOON popping into future stories: a hallmark of her writing
and a symbol of constancy guiding the words.


  • What a Little Star


    To Every Little Prince or Princess around... ... hello! Meet MOON and the Duck Family. Waddle through their UPS and DOWNS And DANCE at the Midnight Party! ...

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