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Eva Bihari

Eva Bihari is a writer, a facilitator of awareness and author of the extraordinary story called Archangel Tales. Eva is perceptive for the presence of angels and they are in her everyday life. She stepped on this magical way around twenty-four years ago and she is so grateful for it. Eva graduated as a parapsychologist at Mantra College of Natural Science in Budapest in 2004. Nowadays she works in a primary school in Manchester and she loves to teach, encourage and care for children. However, Eva sees how many children struggle with their feeling or cannot share their emotion. Eva's tales might seem like fairy tales but these tales are more than that, a real support for the children. Archangel Tales show how can they handle, solve or let their problem go and how the invisible friends help any time.


  • Archangel Tales


    The seven year old, Zoe, who lives in the hidden tiny town has a special life. Special, because she can sense, hear or sometimes even see the archangels.

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