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Ernest von Simson

Ernest von Simson is the co-founder and retired President of the Research Board, a private sector think tank that discusses the sources and uses of advanced technology for a selected group of the largest enterprises in North America and Europe. He subsequently co-founded the CIO Strategy Exchange and has been a board member of a dozen technology companies involved in cybersecurity, open source, and expert systems. At this time, he is a trustee of several non-profits involved in education and landmark preservation. Ernie is the author of The Limits of Strategy which recounts recurring turmoil in the IT sector, and his articles have appeared in The Atlantic, Computerworld, Harvard Business Review, and other publications. He is a graduate of Brown University and New York University.


  • Discarded Patriot


    In the 1920s, a German diplomat from a distinguished family won the release of WWI military officers whom the French and English accused of being war criminals.

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