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Emma Ollin

I am a happily married mother of four from Leicestershire whose dreams feel too big to achieve but are my goals regardless.
I tried several careers from childcare, travel sales, and bar work between each of my children, none of which felt like the perfect career.
I finally chose to step back and enjoy time at home as a mum, allowing me the time to write down the short stories which filled my mind for the past few years.
I started writing in January 2019, when my imagination brought me Freya Bell. She is the main character of Spontaneously Reckless. I have thoroughly fallen in love with Freya and her life's journey, and I hope you do too.


  • Spontaneously Reckless


    By day brunette beauty Freya Bell is an excelling undergraduate, and by night she is a ditzy barmaid who is always up for a giggle with her three best friends.

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