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Elizabeth Love

Elizabeth Love, whose parents both came from generations of farming folk, was born on a farm at Reagill, near Shap. She has lived and worked in a clerical capacity all her life, for some time for the once well-known firm of seedsmen and nurserymen, Little and Ballantyne of Carlisle. A great lover of the countryside around her home town of Carlisle, she writes about her observations and colours her stories with occupational and human interest.She is now retired and enjoys writing poetry and prose, painting and embroidering pictures.


  • The Princess and The Dragon


    Princess Primrose loves to look out of her window each morning, but one day she sees something very unexpected.

  • Floral House


    Follow the next chapter in the journey of Timothy and his pet parrot, Carolina. Tim left Edinburgh and his Aunt Thora behind as he returned to his beloved Yorkshire. He still loved gardening and set about learning all that he could to enable him to be a lecturer. Could he really fulfil his dreams?

  • More About Tim and His Parrot Carolina


    Follow the next adventure of Timothy and his pet parrot, Carolina. Tim still loved the enchanted wood and the wonderful flowers, plants and animals it held. He marveled at the beautiful girl, Amy, who had become his friend. He had become strong and intelligent since his discovery and was no longer the weakling his parents had known from birth. As he grew stronger, his parents felt that he should attend school rather than remain at home...

  • Moonlight and Roses


    Timothy Tulloch was not a normal, healthy, baby boy and the doctors did not give him much chance of ever being able to walk. However, with his mother's time and patience he proved them wrong. He was educated at home and his only friends were his pet parrot, Carolina, and a boy named David.

  • The Winding Path


    The winding path is the story of a farming family set against the backdrop of a remote Lakeland valley. A brother and sister grow up in the way of life that has been the family tradition but with some advantages of education they develop in different ways.

  • And Yet More


    This is the third part of the trilogy Forever. It begins with the process of looking for a house to suit the couple in their separate careers in the city of Carlisle. Then there is the buying of the property at auction and the renovation and refurbishment of the Victorian home. There is the resultant friction between the husband and wife and making up afterwards when all turns out as planned. In the second half, there is the birth of their tw...

  • And Forever More


    Carrying on from the romantic hospital story, Forever, Jodie grows up to be a self-assured, talented artist. At an early age she goes to Canada on an exchange visit, working with children in a hospital and meets up with another young girl.

  • Forever


    Set in rural Cumbria this story is one of true and enduring love. They meet up as students: one training to be a nurse and the other, a physiotherapist. The elder of the two is able to help and advise the trainee nurse overcome difficulties as she goes through the stages of learning. 

  • Three Score Years and Ten


    This, Elizabeth Love's fifth published book, is a condensed profile of the man she met 14 years ago and a short record of their friendship. As the title suggests it is about growing old and about her as a pensioner. It is also meant as a tribute to her friend.

  • Time Lapse - 20th Century Stories


    This is an unusual and unique book of short stories, which gives an individual insight into life in the North of England during the last century. There is something to interest everyone; stories about ballroom dancing, needlework, hairdressing and farming in the old fashioned ways. Reminiscences from an octogenarian vie with the experiences suffered by the young who strive to overcome life's hurdles.A great lover of nature with an eye for be...

  • Northern Star


    Northern Star is a story of survival. It tells of farming in the harsh conditions of the North East of Scotland and connects that part of the country with the Border country.

  • Ella


    It’s only human to want to know who you are and where you come from. For little Ella, though, life is not that simple.

  • Kaleidoscope - A Profile Of Poetry Of A Country Loving Woman


    This is a lovely collection of poems consisting of observations of nature, reminiscences, views on topical matters and everyday subjects, experiences, sensations, ideas and emotions; a true and fascinating profile of a country loving person.

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