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Elijah Jacob Aldea & Gabrielle Sonia

Elijah Jacob Aldea born on 10th February 2004, died due to medical negligence on 19th November 2017. Born and raised in Hertfordshire, Elijah was a lover of adventure, theatre and storytelling. He was a junior black belt in jujitsu and performed in three theatre shows per year in jazz, tap, modern and hip-hop dance. His mother, who completed The Dragon's Fire in her son's honour, was previously a medical professional and is now a student theologian and psychotherapy counsellor. She is an avid lover of English literature and she turned author, inspired by her son.



  • The Dragon's Fire


    Follow the story of Freddy the dragon and Pedro the monkey and their unlikely friendship. Discover how all the animals of APO forest end up seeking refuge from Freddy, though very different, their unexpected hero.  

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