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Edge O. Erin

Edge O. Erin grew up in British Columbia and now resides on the island of Cape Breton in Nova Scotia, Canada. A passionate outdoorsman, the natural world is imprinted on his psyche. His surveying and remote sensing experience in disparate parts of the globe has informed his opinion on land use, the human condition, and the importance of biodiversity and environmental stewardship. He is at work on his next novel, Time Sneak: Emergence.



  • Terraform Charlie


    Humans are destroying the Earth and need a new home. After years of work and fighting those determined to stop him, terraforming scientist Charlie Kehler and his dedicated team have the solution-sowing life in the primordial soup of Nova Terra.

  • Legacy of Seconds


    "Crux of a whipscrew!" A chip of red coral found a gap between Claire's shield and work-shirt, and it stung like a bee.

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