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Eben Beukes

Seven years working as a surgeon in both Saudi Arabia as well as Kuwait City led to the creation of Riad Ajmi, the British-educated, French-Lebanese homicide detective, who features in the novels, The Mask of Louka and Devil's Tumble, both set in the Middle East.
Other previously published works include The Cherry Red Shadow, The Lily White Shadow and The Blue Ice Shadow (the Shadows of a Rainbow trilogy) as well as Pockets of Resistance and Any Way the Wind Blows.
Recently published is the World War Two novel, Winter's Day.
Visit his website for information regarding these novels.
South African by birth, he lives in Mount Gambier, South Australia, with his wife, extended family, two dogs, a cat and various farm animals.


  • A Stone for Maddie Green


    Four months after she was taken, there is still no word on the disappearance of Maddie Green, daughter of international supermodel, Sarah Green, and the police search has stalled. Disturbing images of a young girl start appearing on the Dark Web; could this be Maddie?

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