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E. L. Darbishire

E. L. Darbishire was born and raised in South West Wales, which he still regards as home. After graduating, he joined a multi-national agricultural company and saw service in the UK, the US, Mexico, Canada and Malta.
In the mid-80s, his career went off at a tangent when he was head hunted to try to revive an ailing movie studio in Malta. He remained in the film industry for a dozen or so years before embarking on the final stage of his career so far, as a journalist. He wrote articles for some of Malta's English language newspapers and edited a monthly culture magazine.
He is married to Nicky and these days they divide their time between a crumbling farmhouse in Malta and a small house in Gozo.


  • A Thorne in the Flesh


    As Simon Thorne would likely point out to you, most stories like his start out with a woman. In this case it is the lovely Kristina, Simon's university girlfriend. He has postponed a good job in television and taken on the role of a barman just to be near to where she lives.

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