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Dr Kathryn Kyriacou

Dr Kyriacou was born in Richmond Surrey and trained at St Mary's Hospital
Medical School University of London (now part of Imperial College). She is a
member of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland. She also has a Graduate
Diploma in Law from BPP University and a Masters in Law from Birkbeck College
University of London. She has been a practising doctor, mainly in general internal
medicine, in the UK for over thirty years. She lives in Notting Hill near Portobello
Market. With her interest in metabolic medicine and nutrition, and the rise in
childhood eating disorders- she has written the book to engage very young
children in the nutritional value of food, and make it fun, exciting and educational
to explore through the escapades of Gluffy the wise owlet and his audience of
children. Gluffy has taken his name from the author's adaptation of the ancient
Greek word for owl, as a homage to her time at Birkbeck College - whose emblem
is an owl.


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