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DQZS Robinson

David's teachers often said he was someone who spent all his time daydreaming and living inside his own head. This apparently never changed and he still lives there. David spent much of his young adult life travelling around England for work and in his mid-twenties broke the borders and journeyed to China where he taught English to fund his travels across the land over the course of three years. Most people who receive writing from David these days tend to be in trouble with the law as he busies himself fighting for peace and justice in his home country. Of course, when you're this busy finding time to write is a challenge, and to this day, David will never understand how he managed to write this entire story using a smart phone.


  • Magikal Thinking Volume 2


    A series of gruesome and seemingly unrelated murders spread across the world. Unbeknown to the human population, a supernatural invasion is beginning.

  • Magikal Thinking Volume 1


    For thousands of years mankind has used its imagination to explain what it couldn't. In their ignorance and fear of the unknown they gave it form and a face and wrote stories to comfort and frighten.

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