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Douglas Napier

I was born in London, England on the 30th May, 1935. Early schooling was marred by the German Luftwaffe bombing raids during World War two.

Conscripted into the British Army, I became dissatisfied with life in general and emigrated to New Zealand in June 1957.

With Every Breath We Take was started in 2002. and has taken 16 years to complete. Bill Gates spoke at the Munich Security Council in 2017 about the very subject I had chosen to write about. It is a thriller with the primary character realising that human breath, containing a large percentage of carbon dioxide, is the major threat to continued survival of the human race.

My book (although pure fiction) also contains many facts that the reader will easily recognise, and addresses ways and means to rectify them.

This book should be read by all people interested in the very near future and the problem of over population by humans and the consequential repercussions that must occur.


  • With Every Breath We Take


    The story begins in the calendar year of two thousand and thirty-five. Terrorism continues to thrive throughout the world. War on a global scale continues to be a high-risk in politicians' minds.

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