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Donna Brewis

Although born in London, I have lived most of my life in and around Essex. I was brought up in care homes and with foster parents and, maybe sharing my childhood with so many children, helped with my imagination. I had to give up work in my 30's for health reasons, and have been registered disabled since then. I have written poetry for as long as I can remember, but this is my first book. My dearest wish is that children who read this book, or it is read to them by their parents/carers, enjoy the stories, and maybe even ask to hear them again!


  • The Great Bean Adventures


    The Great Bean Escape - Papa Bean loves his wonderful family very much , and would do anything for them. When their home, a lovely comfortable tin full of a soft, fluffy tomato sauce, is opened, and the Human Mama is preparing to cook them all in a saucepan

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