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Dominika Gołąb

My name is Dominika Gotgb, and I'm an architect by profession. Over the years,
I've had the opportunity to work in various architecture firms, but eventually, |
decided to channel my passion into running my own interior design agency
alongside my sister. From a young age, I've had a love for drawing and
painting, which has been a constant thread throughout my life. Alongside my
architectural work, I've also delved into graphic design, creating designs for a
clothing company, and even had the privilege of showcasing my abstract
paintings at Art Basel Miami.
In addition to my visual art endeavors, I've ventured into the realm of
storytelling, particularly focusing on environmental themes in children's
literature. The process of creation ignites a spark within me, and my
imagination is always buzzing with new ideas.


  • A day in Ecosia


    It was supposed to be a picture book at the beginning. However, while creating illustrations the story just came to me. I wanted to show the life of a family of forest creatures that live in perfect harmony with nature. My goal was to show how peaceful and natural it could be for all of us. I desire to teach children how to love our planet and take care of it. Moreover, I want to show them that their everyday choices matter. They have the power ...

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