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Dilara Aslantaş

Dilara Aslantaş is a dreamer, cinema lover and filled with wanderlust. She was born in Istanbul and started her early academic life at Galileo School, Slovakia. Later on she moved to Portsmouth, England. She graduated from Final High School in Bursa, Turkey. As a child, she always had a soft spot for reading and borrowing thirty books at the same time from the library at Portsmouth, where she started writing her own stories inspired by her favourite author, Jaqueline Wilson. She graduated as a radio, TV and cinema student from the University of Baskent, Ankara.

When she is not obliged with any work, she loves to take strolls like a flâneur, dreaming big as she does. She also has a soft spot for chocolate and cannot resist when it is being offered. Her greatest motivation and aim is to help people find themselves.


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