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Diana Hollister

Diana Hollister grew up in England in the small town of Exmouth. Her favourite childhood memory was fishing at Mare Rocks with her sister catching sticklebacks at the seaside! At 19 years she moved to Canada to work as a Nanny. Diana has worked as an Early Childhood Educator her love for children has inspired her to write her first book about Ricky the Dragon and Agatha. She has 10 you/tube stories about Ricky the Dragon and Agatha's adventures!


  • Ricky the Dragon and Agatha dive into the Ocean


    Ricky the Dragon loves adventure! He meets Agatha who lives in a Rickety old house on the top of a tall Cliff! Ricky and Agatha dive into the Ocean where they meet all sorts of sea creatures. Agatha dives into the ocean in a submarine, and together they explore the treasures of an old Shipwreck!

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