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Dawn Lippiatt

Dawn Lippiatt hates being pigeonholed, being categorised, being placed in a box. She likes the freedom of upturning boxes, mixing up the contents, finding that which is magical or curious in unchartered connections.

After working in the primary education sector, Dawn Lippiatt studied fine art at Bath Spa University, UK. Today she has developed her own path of visual art and creative writing. She draws on the world she inhabits and her joy of travel to influence and inspire her.

Her home is with her husband on their family farm, her two sons have grown up and moved away, but are never far from her thoughts.


  • Stephen Seagull is Bad


    Stephen Seagull wants to be bad, To be like his dad, Tim Hyper-Mad. Sadly, he's just not that kinda gull, So he's not popular in seagull world. Will things change, When catastrophe strikes, And Stephen is left, To save seagull lives?

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