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David Warr

David Warr was born just before the end of the Second World War. He was schooled at a private boarding school in Surrey, leaving to join the Civil Service, and serving in the War Department. On leaving the Civil Service, he joined the police, serving as a CID officer. He left the police to work as an insurance inspector before setting up his own brokerage and estate agency business, after which he set up a renewable energy company.

David retired from business in 2013 and now spends his time writing.

David lives happily with Ann, his wife of thirty-five years, in a small village in Hampshire.

George and The Dragon Warriors is David's third published novel.


  • George and The Dragon Warriors


    Seaman George knows when danger is coming thanks to the magical scarf he inherited from his father. He's an asset on board the HMS Broad due to the scarf's ability to summon ancient Chinese warriors at times of grave danger.

  • Visions of Death


    Professor Suzanne Kaine is asked to speak to Chief Inspector Jacks after his wife speaks to him from beyond the grave, telling him to find the killer of a girl who disappeared twenty-five years ago.

  • Kaine's Chronicles: The Haunting Of Jack Kent


    Doctor Richard Kaine is a brilliant young Austrian psychiatrist who fled his native country in the threat of Nazi occupation before the Second World War. He agrees to see a member of Bomber Command suffering from battle fatigue and stress disorder, but is it something more sinister?

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