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David Peart

David Peart was born in Gloucestershire in 1942. He joined the army at a young age and travelled the world. After leaving the army, he worked in local government for over forty years and when he retired be became a local parish councillor. David has for many years been a qualified athletics coach and coaches a number of local athletes. He still competes himself and is a well-known and respected member of his community. David began writing short children's stories for his young daughter, who loved them at bedtime and, being a science fiction fan, this led to him writing Two Worlds twenty-five years ago as a hobby. Upon retirement he has returned to writing and Two Worlds has finally emerged for all to enjoy.


  • Two Worlds


    It's a beautiful morning, barely a cloud in a clear blue sky. Plans for the day are being made, barbie on the patio, day at the beach; but how do you plan for the end of the world?

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