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David Morton

David Morton was born in Portsmouth in 1961 and has spent most of his life there. The son of a Royal Naval officer, David loves maritime history and in his spare time he visits the museums and researches online.
In 2008, David was struck down with Parkinson's Disease. There is no cure to date so it's an ongoing battle. Three of the disease symptoms or side effects of the drugs are insomnia, tremors and restless legs syndrome. Whilst pacing the house every night for three years, he decided to write the novel he always threatened to write; just like his father. Here it is, the first of many maybe!


  • The Lost Treasure of Blackbeard


    An ordinary family are making a new start in life. Dad has a new job in Portsmouth Dockyard, which means his wife and two sons have to endure an apprehensive relocation and have a change of friends and lifestyle to experience as they adapt to life in their new home, Portsmouth.

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