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David Liston

David Liston was born and educated near The Oval cricket ground, in South London. After leaving the local grammar school, he spent forty years in the stockbroking industry, first as a successful Fund Manager and then as an Equity Research Analyst, where he covered the Food and Drink sectors. Besides food and drink, David's interests include sport - mainly cricket and golf - and global travel.
After retirement, an Open University course in Creative Writing and enrolment in the Writer's Village led to David entering a number of short story competitions, and eventually, to this book.
Loose Ends leans heavily on his experiences in the financial world and his travel interests.
David now lives in Buckinghamshire with his wife Linda, in an area of outstanding natural beauty-a far cry from his youth amongst the council estates of South London.


  • Loose Ends


    It is April 2008. World financial markets are under stress and may be about to implode. Brian Jenkins is a newly appointed investment strategist at a London-based hedge fund. In the act of preparing a presentation, he stumbles across information.

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