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David Hale

David Hale is a sales and marketing specialist who has spent most of his working career in the field of suspension seats for tractors and diggers. Born in India in 1956, he spent some of his early years in Blaenau Ffestiniog in North Wales. Some of this story is based on ‘mental images' from those days and family holidays in the Gower Peninsula. The character of Dai was made up by David when his daughter Jenny was a small girl, as a bed time story. She struggled to go off to sleep without a story, but got fed up with regular books. So David invented Dai and just made stories up on the spot. These were told in a Welsh accent!

However as the stories were told they both started to giggle and the accent changed to Irish, to Scottish, to Indian, in fact anything but Welsh! Dai and the missing Baby Crocodile is the first of these stories. Since 1980 the family have lived in Northamptonshire.


  • Dai and the Missing Baby Crocodile


    A big case of mistaken identity! A baby crocodile is missing from Pontydovey zoo. An ostrich egg is found in a mountain stream. Two chums have a very strange adventure and Gareth the goat gets everywhere!

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