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David Goldfield

David Goldfield is an author who divides his time between Canada and Latin America. He has spent many years in the international corporate world in banking and finance.

His previous book published in 2008, The Ambassador's Word, is a non-fiction narrative account of a major international hostage taking and the role of the Canadian Ambassador in Lima, Peru in 1996-97. The book was a finalist in the Ottawa Book Awards in 2008. The book is now being adapted into a feature length film.

Into the Volcano, Goldfield's first novel, is set in Latin America and was researched during his time living and working in Panama over the last ten years. A film adaptation is also currently being developed.

The author is now working on another novel set in India.


  • Into the Volcano


    Frank Donahue knows he is playing a dangerous game in his role as an investigative journalist and publisher of Panama Express. He is living in Panama, where corruption seems to go all the way up to the president.

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