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David Bailey

David Bailey was a professional footballer. At the age of nineteen,
making his debut, he scored a goal but was very badly injured in
doing so and was never able to play again.
Taking a job with a local mineral and chemical company, he found
himself inventing specialist cleaning materials from waste mineral
biproducts and went on to form a new sales company, selling them to
industrial and domestic customers. In only a few years, the business
grew, and he became national sales manager for a combination of
these sales companies.
A further setback struck when a competitor launched a successful
hostile takeover and David was made redundant. However,
during the expansion of his business, he had used a management
consulting company to train his teams in the art of sales and sales
management. He had been heavily involved in working with these
concepts and their implementation. David tracked down the MD,
who was working on a project in Hawaii, and asked him for a job. Not
only did he get the job, but fourteen years later, David had worked his
way up and taken ownership of that company - subsequently selling
his ownership to an investment company.
David Bailey then created a new concept of high-quality executive
computer mice in the form of iconic cars. The company's brand was
Motormouse. This company started from scratch and, within six
months, appeared very successfully on BBC ‘Dragons' Den'. This led
to a partnership with James Caan, acting as sub-dragons, vetting all
new entrepreneurs wanting his support, in return for being able to
use the James Caan brand in marketing for the first year. David built
a global brand in just four years and had many distributors around
the world, appearing on TV, radio, and in the national press frequently.
Being a business consultant for over thirty years, travelling the world
working with various companies, both large and small, David has
accumulated a wide library of knowledge and experience in many fields
and has met and worked with some very influential and inspiring people.
In all his family history and the thousands of companies that he has
encountered, the one thing that always makes a difference from the
rest is that good people always have a sense of humour and fun.
David hopes his work reflects these sentiments.


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