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David A Reid

I was born in 1984 in a seaside town in Scotland and have lived here all my life. My professional background is as a chef in local restaurants and the local holiday park. Chap Door Runaway is my first book of a possible trilogy idea which I wrote, over a seven-year period. My inspiration, I'd say, comes from my love of movies especially the horror genre and life experience. Although I do get lost in fantasy and superhero movies. Working in a fast-paced industry, it's great to escape watching a film, or write my book and other ideas I may have. Family is the most important thing to me and it is forever growing.


  • Chap Door Runaway


    The residents of Crystal Point led relatively quiet, if rather difficult, lives. Young mum Carrie, who goes to great lengths to support her boys. The alcoholic mother, Rachel. Her perfect sister, Sarah, who is married to local businessman, Colin.

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