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Dave Gregson

Dave Gregson is a fiction writer who has written in genres for both adults and children and is the author of The Clever Trick and Piggy. Dave has worked in several jobs, firstly training in Askham Bryan College obtaining HND in Amenity Horticulture, working in landscape and tree and shrub growing before moving into a career in social care between 1996 and 2018. Dave obtained a Higher Certificate in Management in Health and Social Care from Leeds University during that time and worked in a range of care settings. Dave has since his most recent employment worked independently as a volunteer, fundraiser, and campaigner on a wide range of causes and issues, Dave has a big believer in diversity and inclusion and has travelled to some of the more off the beaten track places across the world to witness different cultural experiences and meet new people. . Dave is a supporter of several animal welfare organisations and charities both large and small. Animals are very close to Dave's heart and many of his stories involve lively animal characters.


  • Desmond The Dormouse Meets The Hawk


    The hawk has a very sharp beak and sharp claws. All the animals in the Hollow are scared to go out when the hawk is around.

  • The Clever Trick


    Just imagine those tasty blackberries that are growing on the bushes down at the farm.

  • Piggy


    Piggy has got lots of friends in The Hollow and all the animals love Piggy, but when Piggy gets into a bit of a bother when the Farmer goes to the market then all the animals decide on a very clever plan to help out Piggy and this takes the Farmer and his wife by surprise.

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