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Dave Flint

I worked in warehouse distribution before joining the aviation and radar field for many years. Having retired, I joined a local writing group where, after a couple of years, I entered and won a competition with a four thousand-word short story, my idea for this novel. The following year I was third-placed with another four-thousand-word story. I have also had a full-page short in my local newspaper, besides having a novel published in July of 2020: Hidden Intentions, by Dave Flint, which is being rewritten under a different title: Blackwater Wood
I may be retired, but the brain is well and ticking the way I want. I have other stories, some completed, others in work progress.
I lead walks in my area with a group of similar-aged people.




    The Second World War and 1940's Portsmouth is experiencing its fair share of bombing raids. Three young teenage boys living in the area with their families, take each day as it comes when suddenly a stranger appears amongst them. Another teenage boy their age, different, but not that different.

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