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Danielle Rouge

Proud to be a New Yorker from Long Island, Danielle Renée Rouge has drawn inspiration from her surroundings throughout her career. As described by her parents, "Danielle definitely ‘beats to her own drum'." As a naturally gifted artist and storyteller, the author, nicknamed Yelli, began sharing her creations with the world from an early age. Danielle truly believes art is what makes this world beautiful, stating, "Everyone becomes an artist the day they pick up a crayon. I just never put mine down." Danielle writes with a hopeful heart to spark creativity, silliness, and imagination in generations to come.


  • Yelli Jelli - Makes a Witchy Pie


    This story allows the reader to get lost in the imagination of our main character, little Yelli Jelli, a spritely five-year-old girl who likes to play pretend and dress up for the occasion.

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