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Dan Hoffay

Author Dan Hoffay is a 13-year veteran of the elementary school classroom. He holds degrees in Childhood Education and Special Education, from the College of Saint Rose (Albany, NY) and a Master's Degree in Literacy Education from Mount Saint Mary College (Newburgh, NY). Having experience in grade levels K-6, he has seen first-hand the impact that literature can have on a student's life. Since 2020, Dan Hoffay has been producing literature of his own in hopes to continue impacting the lives of children around the world and teach valuable lessons that can be absorbed through the magic of storytelling.


  • Santa, Do You Accept Returns?


    Charlie has had enough and wants to give back his little brother, a Christmas gift he asked Santa for years before. When Santa accepts the return, Charlie realizes what an awful mistake he has made but is it too late to get his little brother back or will he ruin Christmas forever?

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