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C.S.E. HALL creates short soulful children's stories with memorable rhyming sayings for easy, fun learning. The stories are based on her central protagonist Spiky Mikey, and his brief but impactful interactions with other animals. These meetings cleverly show children how to identify a moral and lesson while remembering how to retain and tackle that moral and lesson in real life using simple, catchy sayings.

Spiky Mikey's most recent adventure, Spiky Mikey And The Magic Mable was released in May 2020. The whimsical tale briefly yet sensitively chronicles the world in the grip of a viral lockdown while offering great takeaway lessons on hygiene. This fitting substory, laced with a curious tale of the unexpected Magic Marble, will have the reader enthralled from the very moment the glassy globe appears and loaded with takeaway wisdom! And there are even more Spiky Mikey titles to follow that will inspire and delight both the young and mature reader.

Spiky Mikey was born very shortly after Mrs Hall welcomed her first daughter. She said she was "eager to impart on her life lessons in a way that was fun and engaging" and "[my] pen hit the paper with a real purpose."


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