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Craig J. Black

Craig J. Black is the alias of Paul Gibson. Paul grew up in the North East of England with his parents Craig and Annette and his brother Lee. He currently resides in Yarm, England with his lifelong partner and best friend Paul. Paul is passionate about writing and has a vivid imagination which brings his words to life. 
From an early age, Paul has always been creative and fulfils his artistic expression through various outlets. Supported by his family and fans, Paul enjoys taking people on an emotional journey with his writing. 
You can learn more about Paul, or if you wish to contact him simply visit and go to the contacts page.


  • The Bloodline - Forbidden Hunger


    Finding herself homeless and orphaned by a plague, French peasant-girl Zanette thought she'd had her share of tragedy. Given an idyllic girlhood by her grandparents, surely her troubles are behind her.

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