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Colm Kinney

Colm Kinney was born in Greater Manchester in 1994. At the age of fifteen, he dropped out of school and left with few qualifications, and being unsure of which direction to take he started creating music using production software. Being inspired by the creative process he then began writing his own lyrics to accompany the music. This opened a doorway for Colm and led him to discover a deep love of the English language, which then inspired him in 2014 to take an Open University Arts and Languages Access module. As well as studying different styles of literature, part of the course included creative writing and this proved to be the opening which provided Colm with the inspiration to take the steps needed to publish his own work, I'm Just Living My Dreams. Colm's first book is a mixture of metaphysical musings on life, the universe, dreams and emotions, which combined together are a delight to read.



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