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Colin MacIver

Colin MacIver is the fictional voice of military historian, Michael C. C. Adams. He is the author of works on the American Civil War, WWI, WWII and images of war in western culture, 1066-2002. Adams's work has been a featured choice of major book clubs and his study of Civil War generalship won a book prize.


He lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, with his American wife. They have also spent much time in Lake Molega, Nova Scotia and Lochearn, Perthshire.


Adams is both a UK and US citizen.


  • The Painted Coat - Light Bob


    Light Bob is the story of a British regular soldier, Adam Truworthy, serving in 18th-century America. He is a Light Bob because, for forest warfare, his hair is cropped, his coat is shortened, and his equipment adapted.

  • The Painted Coat: Lobster Back


    The Painted Coat is the story of an 18th century volunteer soldier, Adam Truworthy. In Lobster Back, Adam volunteers as a redcoat; he serves in Scotland, fighting at Culloden, and joins in the pacification of the Glens.

  • Turncoat


    Struggling writer, Daniel Baker, grandson of the great Daniel Defoe, wants to make his mark by unravelling the mystery behind the disastrous collapse of plans for a second descent on Britain by Bonnie Prince Charlie following his failed 1745 campaign.

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