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Colin J Nicholls

Colin J Nicholls, a Black Country working class lad, born in 1948, to parents, Stephen Richards Nicholls and Frances Nicholls (the baby and last child of seven).
From a secondary school education, he worked his way through the ranks of the construction trade, beginning as an apprentice electrician and climbed to the dizzy heights of principal technical manager at Sandwell Metropolitan Authority and then agency manager.
Colin is a member of both the Institute of Electrical Engineers and the Institute of Clerks of Works, having qualified at firstly the old West Bromwich Technical College and secondly at the Hall Green College Birmingham. Unfortunately, his enforced early retirement, in order to attend to his ageing mother, caused him to leave all this behind and following the death of his mother, he had a newfound urge to re-educate. Attending the University of Central England (now the Birmingham City University), he gained an Honours Degree in English Language and Literature and then went on to the Wolverhampton University to complete a PGCE in order to take up teaching. His last, very happy and long-awaited desire to teach primary children, only lasted four years but he appreciated every minute of that time and the children and families he met. He still has an association with Hall Green School, where each year he continues to give out the annual awards for achievement.
Colin has written several poetry books and four novels; this is the third children's book that he has written. He hopes that it will bring; fun adventure, education, and enjoyment to those who read it.


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