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Colin Farrington

Born in Grangetown, near Middlesbrough, in 1954, Colin Farrington was brought up within sight of blast-furnaces and flare-stacks, but now lives in rural North Yorkshire with Sarah, his partner of 25 years. Off and on he attended Eston Grammar School. Introduced to foreign parts by the Army, he subsequently travelled extensively and was able to put his love of learning languages to good use.


  • The Nemesis Man


    An eighteenth-century tale to confound the history books, The Nemesis Man sets sail to the south seas with Captain Cook aboard HM Bark Endeavour. It tells the story of Joseph Fleck, a man of whom there is no other record.

  • Kalangba Junction


    The six-week summer break allows primary school teacher Neffie to set out on one of her big adventures. Her destination is Sierra Leone. She will travel alone, leaving her partner Sebastian to fend for himself.

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