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Colin Croft

Following six years in teaching, Colin Croft joined the Royal Ulster Constabulary. In a police career of twenty-five years, he served in some of Northern Ireland's most challenging places, from the cruel sectarian streets in North Belfast to the terrifying, yet beautiful, hills and drum-lins of South Armagh. On leaving the police in 2006, he undertook a number of international policing projects; in the Balkans, training witness protection officers; in Lebanon, working with government and non-government bodies working on police reform; and in Bulgaria, embedding human rights into police structures and processes, to name but a few.
In 2008, he rediscovered his zeal for writing when his mother fell ill, and he composed short stories of family events and holidays to read to her at night. 
Dead Man Calling is the fulfillment of a promise that he made to his mother and of a long held desire to write his own crime thriller.


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