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Christopher Rennie

Christopher Rennie was born and raised in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. From a young age Christopher struggled to read with his teacher, Mr Towers and family helped him to overcome this difficulty. Authors like Rowling, Feist, Eddings and King were the first in his life to open him up to the fantasy world.
From a young age Christopher loved to fly and through years of study and hard work he gained his commercial fixed wing pilot licence. Through all this Christopher has loved to write and when moving to Broome, Western Australia he was able to focus and pursue it fully.


  • Cluster Worlds: Survival at Thorn


    Follow Bartholmew, Barry to his friends, as he explores and grows at the Thorn Academy. From learning about his unique soul realm to ways to grow stronger. Barry's life will be pushed in unknown ways as the souls of creatures build up his strength and can he survive the most challenging thing of all

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