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Christian Winship

Christian Winship was born on the 12th of August 1986 in Aylesbury, UK. He grew up in a small village called Long Marston. He had an instant love for all things space and comedy, having grown up watching Blackadder, Red Dwarf, Father Ted and Monty Python religiously. He has a background in graphic design and art but found writing to be his strong point. Chris worked for a construction company for many years, which allowed him to progress with writing. The Discount Multiverse is his second publication, and he hopes to expand this into an ongoing series. All artwork he does alongside writing The Discount Multiverse can be found on Instagram #thediscountmultiverse.


  • The Discount Multiverse


    "Before there was the complexity of the countless universes; before life had rooted and set foot within the chaotic twist of the multiverse and prior to any known star system, galaxy cluster or spatial vibration, there existed only a single dimensional level."

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